What Makes A Cleaning Company Professional

What Makes A Cleaning Company Professional

There are no restrictions on using the word “professional”. It is used so frequently in marketing that it almost loses meaning. Because so many businesses call themselves “professional”, it starts to feel like a synonym for “business”. If it’s a business, it has to be professional, right? Wrong. That isn’t true, especially when it comes to a house cleaning business. There are several measures and checkpoints which separates the well-meaning folks from a professional house cleaning company.

What makes a house cleaning company professional? Here is a checklist of 6 things to consider when you are choosing a service for your home.

1. Ethical Employer

A professional cleaning company is an ethical employer following all their responsibilities under the ESA. They adhere to non-discrimination policies when hiring, and have zero tolerance towards harassment. They pay fair wages and all source deductions, which support our society by making valuable contributions to CPP and EI. Bottom line: when you hire a professional, you know your cleaning person is being treated well, paid properly, and earning

2. Full Screening and Background Checks

A professional cleaning company will consistently follow a process to screen prospective employees before they are hired. At Concierge Home Services, we take it a step further, by using Triton Security for an accurate police records check. Calling previous employers to verify information is another method to confirm their background.

3. Training

There are many people who love the satisfaction of cleaning and enjoy the benefits of a physical job that keeps them moving. What separates the well-meaning folk who get their sister or friend to help them clean from the professional company is the training. A professional cleaning company provides a full training program to master the science of cleaning. They will learn teach them healthy and safety, and code of conduct. Better training means better skill and efficiency - one of the benefits of going pro!

4. Insurance and Bonding

This is a very important aspect to consider when choosing who will clean your home. Workers Compensation will protect you as a homeowner against any liability if a cleaner gets injured on the job. It is a big risk to have uninsured people working in your house - your home policy will not protect you if something goes wrong. Professional companies will also have an employee blanket bond in place, and extensive insurance for any damage to your home. Insurance is often skipped by the small private firm in order to save money - but the cheaper cleaning comes at the cost of higher risk for you and your home.

5. Professional Supplies

Ads for the latest bathroom cleanser or vacuum miracle are very persuasive. We’ve all had the experience of finding that what we bought doesn’t perform like it did in the infomercial. These products are simply not as effective or as reliable as what is made specifically for professional use. These higher-grade cloths, mops, vacuums, and cleaning supplies are made to last, and deliver the highest quality clean. It could be the HEPA filer, the fibre-count of the mop pad, or the pH-neutral value of the floor cleaner; when these pro tools are used by staff who have been properly trained it means the best possible clean you can get.

6. Accountability

A professional house cleaning company can be held accountable in case things are not going 100%. Over the years, we’ve heard so many horror stories from homeowners who trusted a wonderful cleaner and then had issues with theft, or breakage, or just not showing up anymore. If all you have is a cell phone number and a website which both go down overnight - who are you going to call? What we’ve seen is that people will pay to rekey their home, and then look for a professional house cleaning company. All Concierge Home Services locations are members of their local BBB, and as part of a Canadian franchise system, there is a further level of accountability. Choose to work with a cleaning company with professional memberships and a physical head office, and you’ll never regret it.

At Concierge Home Services, we our proud of being an ethical employer with full insurance protection for all our staff, and a thorough training program. Contact us today to discuss a reliable professional cleaning routine for your home.

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