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Our story starts back in 2000, when Rebecca Page heard the same complaints from people in three different cities. At the time, she was working as a Human Resources Manager for a high tech company, and frequently travelled between Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Conversations in the offices, elevators, and planes all told the same story – reliable household help was hard to find. From Managers, Directors, and Vice-Presidents, she heard the same comments: “my cleaning lady didn’t show up again” and “I can’t find anyone to feed my cat when I’m on vacation”.


One Chance Meeting Created Concierge Home Services

This observation was the spark that created Concierge Home Services. Rebecca had always been inclined towards entrepreneurship. One of her many ventures in childhood had been creating a school newsletter which she sold to other students during recess. The high tech sector was a creative space where being nimble and responsive was required for success. Rebecca thrived in that environment, but after moving to Ottawa in 2000 it seemed time for a change. She spent about a year researching and developing the concept and business model for Concierge Home Services.

Why Choose Concierge?

Learning Best Practices in House Cleaning

She learned that there were some good people working on their own cleaning houses, but they didn’t have any kind of insurance plan in place. A neighbour shared with Rebecca their story of being sued by their long-time cleaner after she slipped and fell in their home.

Unable to work and without an income, and didn’t have Workplace Insurance to cover her lost wages. Their house insurance policy wouldn’t cover her because she was a paid worker in their home. She sued the homeowners to get reimbursed for her medical costs and lost earnings. It was a terrible situation.

They had considered her part of the family, and were now hashing out a legal battle with her and their house insurance company.

Our Services


Creating A Healthy Home For Your Family


Concierge Home Services Mission Was Born

She also learned that the national team-cleaning franchises meant 3-4 people in a home at the same time. Their high staff turnover meant that in a 6 month period, over 20 different people would be cleaning a client’s home. Many of the homeowners she spoke to were not comfortable with that idea, and preferred having less people in their house.

These two findings became the foundation for Concierge Home Services; to provide consistent, quality work by individuals who are fully insured and bonded. It would be the best of both options – the familiarity of the same person cleaning their home, with the security that the systems and insurance of a company backing them up.

Meet Our Staff

Custom Cleaning Options Perfect For Your Needs

We Pride Ourselves on Excellence.

In April 2001, the website was launched and the business was officially open. The first client was for home checks in the leafy Ottawa neighbourhood of the Glebe. The following month and a few streets over, the next client started weekly cleaning services. In the fall of 2001 Rebecca joined a BNI networking group, and the client list grew quickly from there. We are proud to still serve many of the clients who started in those first early years.

Some exciting early milestones:

2004 - Winner of the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics from the Better Business Bureau
2007 - First franchise agreement signed
2008 - Company moved from home-based to an office on Bank Street in Ottawa
2009 - Finalist for 2008 Small Business of the Year at the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce Business Achievement Awards
2009 - Winner of the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics from the Better Business Bureau
2011 - Celebrated our 10 year anniversary with an event which raised funds for Children's Wish Foundation

Here’s where we are.

Things have come a long way since those first years. We’ve moved away from the original paper-based documentation to adopt evolving technology. Our scheduling system, key management, and client quotes all use secure software which allows for greater accuracy, flexibility, and responsiveness for our clients.

We’ve invested in HEPA-filter vacuums and professional-grade microfibre mop systems and colour-coded microfibre cloths. We’ve developed a best-in-class training program for staff based on a system from the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International. This uses a highly efficient method which ensures consistent cleaning and getting the most done in the least amount of time.

In 2020, the Concierge Home Services management team is entirely women. Our franchise partner Cheryl Whalen provides services in Milton. General Manager Grace Wood oversees all scheduling, administration, and operations. Service Manager Sherri Henderson oversees recruiting, initial and ongoing staff training, quality checks, and meets with homeowners to discuss their house cleaning, pet sitting, and home check needs.

These days, Rebecca is still involved in the business in addition to her volunteer work in the non-profit sector. She is also a part time graduate student in the MBA program at the Durham University Business School.

The reason that we keep working every day!

We are proud to be a Canadian and woman-owned and led business. The principals of integrity and communication of our early years are still a huge part of our culture today. Read what our clients have to say about their experience with Concierge Home Services:

We have had Concierge come in to clean our home for years.

They’ve also done pet sitting for our cat and watered plants. Everyone we’ve met and talked to has been friendly and helpful, and they’ve done everything possible to help us even on very short notice.

The cleaners have done an amazing job and have been really good during the pandemic about taking precautions (both for their safety and ours) and working with us to maintain space even though our whole family is at home.

In all the years we’ve known Concierge, we’ve only had a concern once (years ago) and Concierge worked quickly to resolve things.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is looking for reliable, professional and excellent service in cleaning or pet sitting.

Also, they are super nice (shout out to G and S in the office!)

~ J&D McDonald

Nothing but good things to say about Concierge. They’ve been cleaning our house for the last few years and they do an amazing job. The whole team, from Grace in the office, to all the staff that have come into the house are wonderful and very good at what they do.

Coming home after our house has been cleaned is honestly one of the highlights of the week.

~ Greg Thorpe

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