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We provide secure and reliable daytime work. Our staff make a difference in the lives of our clients - one house at a time.

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Working at Concierge Home Services

  • Cleaning Staff work daytime only - no evenings, weekends, or holidays
  • Sitters have full control over schedule and availability
  • Cleaning Technicians receive paid travel time between clients and regular auto allowance
  • 2 weeks paid vacation time per year
  • No experience needed - we have a thorough training program
  • No equipment required - we provide all the tools and equipment you need on the job
  • Earn performance bonuses and tips
  • Group Benefit Plan when you work more than 26 hours a week
  • Build a schedule that fits around when your kids are in school, or around your classes

What Our Staff is Saying


Thank you for the opportunity to learn in a nice environment and workspace, I truly enjoyed my time and all the compliments from clients always made my day.


Supportive, hands on, understanding. They push and motivate you to be the best you can be. They reward you for your hard work and always give you feedback. Awesome management, Awesome clients. Very happy to work here!

Jesse, Ottawa

Having worked for CHS now for close to 6 years, I have learnt many skills that I can take into everyday life. Camaraderie, confidence and a strong desire to be prompt. My time at Concierge has been a 5 star experience and my family and I are eternally grateful for the opportunity they have given me.


"Leaving my crappy retail job to work here was the best decision ever! I love the work and the people. This job fits around my classes, and it doesn't drain my mental energies so I can focus on studying at night." 


"I just have to tell you what a great boss you are...Although cleaning is hard work, you make it feel so worth while and its nice to have an employer that cares."


“I enjoyed the flexibility and the sense of accomplishment in a job well done. I especially appreciated my manager who was always positive as well as encouraging and accommodating.”


"The kindest, most supportive manager I have ever had the privilege to work for. They are a hands on company, always there if you are in a bind. Reward you for a job well done! Great team!"


“I’ve never had a job that cared so much about their employees as much as Concierge.”


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