Everyday Cleaning Tips for a Tidy New Year

Everyday Cleaning Tips for a Tidy New Year

Is keeping up with cleaning one of your resolutions for the new year? Or are you just fed up with clutter and household chores piling up? While it may look like a lot to tackle, these everyday tips will help keep cleaning managable and help prevent you from being overwhelmed.

In the Bedroom

Make your bed as soon as you wake up - Mornings can be hectic with or without children. Instead of heading right for the coffee, take a minute to make the bed to help keep your bedroom tidy. Investing in a duvet cover can make this even easier!

Put your clothes away - As enticing as putting your sweater with the others on your chair is, it doesn't take long for clothes to pile up. Hanging them up or putting them in a drawer as soon as you change will keep your bedroom clutter free.

Purge your closet - Is your closet overflowing with clothes? This simple trick can help you purge your unnecessary items by the time spring rolls around. Hang all of your clothes with the hangers backwards. Once you've worn something, hang it as you normally would. If you haven't worn it by the time April rolls around, chances are you won't wear it so you can donate it to clear some space!

For the Bathroom

Tidy after every use - Notice a bit of dirt after you shower or once you're done brushing your teeth? Have a sponge or cleaning cloth handy for a quick wipe down. This will prevent dirt from building up, keeping your bathroom shiny and clean!

Rinse your sink with baking soda and vinegar - Start the year off right with a clean drain! Baking soda and vinegar is one of the easiest ways to unclog a drain and doing this on a regular basis will help prevent any blockages... meaning less hassle for you!

How About the Kitchen?

Clean as you cook - Instead of dealing with a big mess at the end, clean as you’re cooking. Have a moment to spare while meat is sizzling? Grab that cutting board and wash it! This will prevent a daunting mess, which ties into our next tip…

Don’t allow the dishes to pile up - By the end of a meal, food coma sets in and you’re more prone to go relax on the couch or indulge in a hobby rather than do the dishes. Washing the dishes after preparing the meal will ensure the toughest dishes are done rather than having a whole pile to wrestle with after a meal. Have a dishwasher? Get in the habit of putting your dishes in after every meal to keep your sink clutter free!

Wipe after every spill - Similar to in the bathroom, wiping up a coffee drip or milk splash immediately means easier cleaning and prevents dirt from building up.

Put items back where they belong - Have you ever opened the drawer looking for scissors only to then roam your house trying to find them? Put items back as soon as you’re done will them to ensure they’re ready for future use, saving you time and hassle.

Onto the Living Areas!

Lose the multiples - Do you really need 12 pairs of scissors? Having too many items can increase clutter exponentially. Limit it to the essentials and keep them in the rooms they’re most used in to stay organized.

Do a quick sweep before bed each night - Notice some rogue papers? Recycle them or put them away. See a dish on the counter? Place it in the dishwasher. Doing this quick check before you hit the hay will ensure your house stays tidy.

General Rules

Enlist the kids to help - Multiple hands make light work! There are a number of ways kids can help with housework though it can be difficult to get them on board with it. If you can, make a game of it! See how quickly items can be put away and time them. Or, throw on some music and make it fun by dancing and jamming to the tunes as you clean.

Go green when it comes to cleaning - You might be surprised to know how many harmful ingredients can be in household cleaners. It’s important to be diligent (especially when kids are helping!) in avoiding these and use natural cleaners instead. Making your own cleaning solution can save you money, too! Essential oils such as peppermint will disinfect without any dangerous chemicals and leave your home smelling fresh.

Have a cleaning schedule - Set aside time to do a quick clean each month in order to keep things from getting out of control.

Implementing even just a few of these tips can help make cleaning much more manageable. Are you feeling like you're already too overwhelmed and not sure where to start? Call us for a one-time cleaning so we can get you started on the right foot! Or if things get a little too hectic during the year (we get it, life gets busy!) then give us a call and we can help.

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