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Why upcycle? It’s more than a fun crafting project or activity with the kids. It also cuts down on clutter around the house, saves money, and reduces what goes out into the garbage or recycling. Here are 4 clever ways to upcycle everyday household items.

1. Paper Tube Desk Organizer
This is a great one to do with the kids. Help them organize their home work space and craft area using repurposed toilet paper tubes. Use fun and playful colours, or match up with their room decor. Here are the steps:

It happens to the best of us. Everyone, at some point, encounters a sink or tub which drains slowly, or doesn’t drain at all. Sometimes these things happen over time, and you don’t even realize it’s a problem until you find the water pooling around your ankles as you have your morning shower. 

Clogged drains are never pretty, but the good news is that they are never permanent. Before you call in for help, we have the top 3 DIY tips for unclogging drains. Try these yourself to get the water draining. All these ideas are safe for your pets, kids, septic systems, and they are environmentally responsible.

If you have ever tried mixing your own solutions for house cleaning, you've discovered how useful essential oils are. There is a wide range of options and ideas. There is no right or wrong - it comes down to what scent you like best. To help you get started, we've picked the top 5 essential oils for house cleaning. Feel free to mix these scents to create blends that appeal to you. Here's the list, with some explanations and suggestions.

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