7 Ways to Spring Clean and Really Feel Like Winter is Over

7 Ways to Spring Clean and Really Feel Like Winter is Over
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As the snow melts, we are all eager to feel like spring is here. We know that even with a regular house cleaning routine, in spring we need to clear winter away and freshen up our home for the new season. Here are our 7 favourite things on a spring cleaning list!

1. Purge Your Closet

Pull out that box of summer clothes, it’s time to switch out your wardrobe! Donate to charity any good quality item that didn’t get worn all winter, and clothing your kids have outgrown. We’ve done fundraising for Dress for Success, a great organization that helps women. Also check out Donation Town for a group that will pick up from your house. 

Before filling up your closet again, do a thorough vacuum and wash of all those back corners and shelves.

2. Bedding

Dry clean the duvets, comforters, and extra blankets that were needed during the winter. Better yet, launder and let dry in the sun. When you unpack the bedding in the fall, it will be extra fresh and give you another chance to enjoy the spring sunshine.

3. Ceiling Fans

Often missed during a regular house cleaning routine, ceiling fans can pick up a lot of dust during the winter when they are not used. A damp cloth will get these clean and ready to cool your home through the coming months.

4. Edges and Trim

Wipe down the tops of door frames, moldings, and door knobs. Also check out picture frames, the top ledge of your kitchen cupboards, and lights above the bathroom sink. For an extra fresh approach, consider using an essential oil blend. 

5. Furnace Filter

Quarterly furnace filter changes will keep your furnace in good working order. Also consider getting your ducts cleaned. This should be scheduled every 2-5 years, depending on your household and your sensitivity to dust. Homes with pets and carpet create more dander and lint. Every wonder what dust is, exactly? It’s a whole medley of stuff like skin cells, dead dustmites, carpet fibres, and pollen. Read more in What the dust in your house reveals about you.

6. Windows

Nothing makes your house feel more like spring than cleaning the windows. We recommend cleaning the screens and tracks, also. If you want to DIY, use a bucket of soapy water and a scrub brush on the screens. Forget that old newsprint hack - a squeegee is the best way to get your windows completely clear. If you want to bring in the professionals, we do have a team available that uses a  chemical-free water-fed pole system in the Ottawa area.

7. Decor 

Gather up throw pillows, small carpets and rugs, TV blankets, and window curtains. Shake out and hang in the sun. Launder. Vacuum. Removing dust from these finishing touches in your home is a perfect finishing touch for your spring cleaning!

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