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6 Ways to Comfort Your Cat When You’re Not Home

-- CHS Ottawa Team

Does your cat get stressed when you are out of the house for a long time? Maybe you had a really long day at work, or you spent a long Saturday running errands before doing dinner and a movie with friends. If your cat is the kind to get stir crazy when left alone, here are 6 ways to comfort your cat when you’re not home. If you are away for more than a day, we do recommend setting up pet sitting visits…in the winter months, this may also meet your home insurance requirements!

6 Ways to Comfort Your Cat When You’re Not Home6. Toys. Try changing things up so your cat has something new or different to play with when you are away. This doesn’t mean buying up a whole aisle at the pet store. Easy DIY cat toys include empty toilet paper rolls, cat treats in an empty water bottle with a few holes cut out, and of course - an empty box!

5. View. Even less active cats love to lay in the sun and watch the world go by. We’ve seen elderly kitties twitch their tail in excitement when a squirrel gets close to the window ledge! 

4. Music. Play music you usually listen to, to keep the house sounding familiar. Or, you can try music for cats. Yes, it’s a thing. Check this out on YouTube, or read this article.

3. Shows. Yes, that’s a thing also. Some cats are happy with a sitcom because they like to see humans talking. Others may prefer programming specifically designed for them. This is a great option if the view from your place doesn’t include much wildlife.

2. Create Cosy. Try leaving out some clothing in your cat’s favourite curling up spot. Your familiar scent will be calming and soothing for her while you are away.

1. Hiding Spot. Some cats love to retreat to a secret place when they are home alone for awhile. During pet sit visits, we’ve found shy cats curled up in laundry hampers, on the top shelf of a closet, or in a dark little space behind a pile of boxes.

That's our top 6 ways to make your cat comfortable when you are not home. If you are away for more than a day, please contact us to discuss pet sitting visits to care for your cat (or rabbit, hamster, fish!) and your home. Pet sitting available in Ottawa, Kanata, Sittsville, Carp, Orleans, Barrhaven, Manotick, Etobicoke, and Milton.