6 Tips for House Cleaning with Baking Soda

6 Tips for House Cleaning with Baking Soda
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There are many reasons to choose house cleaning products which cause less harm to your health and to the environment. There are many environmentally friendly cleaning lines out there to choose from. If you want to kick it old school, you can do a lot with just a box of baking soda. Here are our 6 tips for house cleaning with baking soda.

1. Stovetop

No need to buy a special product just for your ceramic stovetop. First dry the surface of any spills, and sprinkle some baking soda over the area. Use a damp cloth in a circular motion to get the top shiny and clean. If there are are dried splatters from last night’s dinner, use the power of heat - leave a hot damp cleaning cloth on the spill for 10 minutes to let it soften, then have another go with the baking soda. 

  • Baking soda is a safe cleaner to use throughout your kitchen, so use the same technique to clean counter tops and the inside of your fridge.

2. Soap Scum

That bathtub ring is body oils and fat in soap reacting with the mineral salts in the water. The “harder” your water, the more sodium to react with. It can be easily cleaned with baking soda mixed with a little dishwashing detergent. Soap-free detergents don’t react with mineral salts. Just squeeze a little onto your cloth, dip into your box of baking soda, and scrub the wet sides of the tub, sink, or shower. This rinses easily and leaves the surface smooth.

3. Coffee Maker

Add ½ cup of baking soda and run a cycle without coffee to clean and deodorize.

4. After Burn

Sprinkle baking soda on the charred remains of whatever was in that pot or pan. Leave overnight and it will clean up quicker with less scrubbing tomorrow. While we are talking about burning, remember that tossing baking soda onto a kitchen fire is a safe way to put it out fast! Pro tip - be sure the baking soda doesn't sit long on marble countertops, which can cause damage.

5. Odour Control

Sprinkle in the bottom of the kitchen compost bucket, garbage bins, diaper pail, laundry hamper. Leave out a bowl in the fridge, in the bathroom, near the litter box. How does this work? Baking soda is a weak alkali, so it neutralizes the acids in molecules to eliminate strong smells. Science!

  • For an extra treat, mix your favourite essential oil into the baking soda first. 

6. Stuffies

If you have shelves or baskets of dusty musty stuffed animals, baking soda is your new best friend. Toss the toys into a plastic bag and add baking soda. Shake it around, leave for 10 minutes, then vacuum each toy using the the round attachment, upholstery attachment, or even just the naked nozzle.

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