5 Reasons to Choose a Professional Company Instead of a Private Cleaner

5 Reasons to Choose a Professional Company Instead of a Private Cleaner

Unless you’ve discovered a 48-hour day, we’re pretty sure you need some help around the house. More and more people decide to give their house cleaning to hired hands so they have more time for leisure and family time.

Sometimes, not much thought or research goes into this decision though, and they end up disappointed. Why is that? Because they decide to hire private cleaners without background checks or insurance policies.

Nobody is saying that private house cleaners can’t do great work, but there are other things to consider when hiring a house cleaner besides their skills and attitude. Here are some of the most important aspects to consider when hiring cleaners for your house:

1. Liability insurance

So many things can happen during house cleaning! It’s not enough to be extra careful. Accidents can happen - no one means to break or damage a valuable household item! It can be so simple - a bucket sloshes water over the edges and ruins a carpet, or a vase is shattered when it’s knocked off a table. Private house cleaners generally don’t carry CGL (Comprehensive General Liability) insurance, which means they would have to pay out of pocket to repair or replace any damage to your home. Even if they are willing, most are not able to take on this expense, which means you have to live with the damage, or pay for it yourself.

2. Coverage for the cleaners

Professional house cleaning companies carry WSIB for their employees. This means that if the cleaning staff gets injured in your house or on your property, you have zero responsibility or liability. Some homeowners make the mistake of thinking that their house insurance will protect them if someone trips on the stairs or slips on the driveway- but that coverage is just for guests in your home. Anyone you hire to do work in your home is exempt from your plan. This is where hiring a private individual is a risk - if that person gets injured at your home and can’t work for a period of time, they can sue you. They may not win, but who wants the fight? Save yourself the hassle and expense when things go wrong, and choose a professional house cleaning company.

3. Quality of products

The grocery store has an aisle of cleaning products, but are they really the best? Professional house cleaning companies have access to a different range of cleaning products than the ones available at big box stores. Using more effective and higher quality cleaning products means a better bang for your house cleaning buck.

4. Proper training

Having your house cleaned means so much more than just dusting and vacuuming the carpet. At Concierge Home Services, we’ve seen homes with etched marble and damaged flooring because a well-meaning and hard-working private cleaner didn’t have the knowledge to match their cleaning enthusiasm. Choosing a professional company that provides their house cleaning technicians with training in pH values and surfaces can prevent having the finishes in your home damaged. And when it comes to damage…remember what we said about insurance?   Professional house cleaning staff complete training on the science of cleaning, techniques, efficiencies, and health and safety - as well as a standard routine so that you get the same clean, every visit.

5. Accountability

You have guests coming this weekend and your private cleaner no-showed and is now ghosting you. We hear these stories often. If all you have a cell phone number and an email address, it is easy for someone to disappear on you - sometimes, with your house keys. We’ve met with several homeowners who spent money on rekeying their house when this happened to them. This is another reason to choose a professional house cleaning company. Look for a well established company with memberships in local business organizations, such as a chamber of commerce. It is possible to fake a few great online reviews, but an A rating with the BBB means that the company is accountable and committed to providing an outstanding experience. At Concierge Home Services, all our locations are members of their local BBB. This accountability measure means you can hand over those keys, and book that house cleaning visit, with peace of mind. Life is stressful enough - hiring someone to clean your house shouldn’t be one of them!



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