4 Clever Ways to Upcycle Everyday Household Items

4 Clever Ways to Upcycle Everyday Household Items
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Why upcycle? It’s more than a fun crafting project or activity with the kids. It also cuts down on clutter around the house, saves money, and reduces what goes out into the garbage or recycling. Here are 4 clever ways to upcycle everyday household items.

1. Paper Tube Desk Organizer
This is a great one to do with the kids. Help them organize their home work space and craft area using repurposed toilet paper tubes. Use fun and playful colours, or match up with their room decor. Here are the steps:

  • Paint the toilet paper tubes
  • Glue the bottoms to a piece of cardboard to stabilize and help them stand up

2. Jars as Vanity Storage
Save those pasta sauce and pickle jars from the recycling bin! Upcycle them to create pretty containers to tidy up the bathroom or dresser. The storage possibilities are endless - cotton balls, bathsalts, hair ties, soap, coins… Use any screw-top jar, and decorate to match your  room. These also make great gifts! Here are the steps:

  • Paint the top of the jars
  • Glue your favourite scrapbook paper or strip of wrapping paper on its body
  • For an extra flare, glue an old drawer knobs or pulls to the lid

3. Framed Earring Holder
If you need to sort out a tangle of earrings, this upcycling project is for you. Dig out those old picture frames and turn them into a useful way to neatly store and display your earrings. Just hang earrings on wire strung across the back of the frame. It’s this easy:

  • Turn the frame to the back and measure our lengths of picture wire to cover the full width
  • Staple the wire to the back of the frame, or insert tiny screws and wind the ends around them

Another option is to place cardboard into the frame, and use pushpins to hang your earrings. Large frames can be used for necklaces and bracelets, also! Decorate the cardboard by panting, or covering with wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper.

4. Tin Planter
Use old tins to create eye-catching planters. Make a pretty line up of herbs along the kitchen window sill. Arrange different size tins into a display for the corner of the porch or deck. The ideas are endless! These are the steps to make your planter:

  • Apply glue inside of the tin can
  • Attach a plastic liner
  • Put in foam balls or pebbles at the bottom, for drainage
  • Add some potting soil and plant your herbs and flowers

Creating these 4 clever ways to upcycle everyday household items will exercise your artistic flare, and is a fun way to spend a weekend. So much better than spending it on house cleaning!

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