10 Ways to Make Moving Day Easier

10 Ways to Make Moving Day Easier

If moving to a new home is in your plans, or already marked in your calendar, here are 10 ways to make moving day easier.

1. Start Early. Moving means lots of time and energy. Don’t crunch the tasks into the last few weeks. Call ahead of book your resources and providers, to avoid disappointment.

2. Purge Ahead. You may have done a thorough sweep of closets and corners while you were preparing your home for sale. If not, start early to clear out items for donation, recycling, or a garage sale. Having less to pack, move, and unpack will reduce expense and time. 

3. Hire movers. You can go all out and also have them pack for you. At minimum, hire a company to manage the move. It may feel expensive, but when you tally up the cost of renting a truck, bribing friends to help, and factor in the time it all takes, you are much further ahead when you bring in the professionals. In Ottawa, we recommend Lisa The Mover.

4. Research Rules. Check in with your property manager, superintendent, and neighbours so they know when your moving day is confirmed. Do you need to book an elevator? Get a parking pass for the truck? Avoid any delays and surprises on moving day, and do your research ahead of time.

5. Colour Code. Use colour to bring labelling to a whole new level. Use tape or markers to colour code your boxes for destination rooms or floors. 

6. Number Your Boxes. Instead of listing contents on 2 or 3 sides of the box, just write a number. Prepare a list with all the details of what is in each box. Use a spreadsheet so that you can search for specific items and know what box to find them in. And yes, there is an app for that.

7. Replenish Yourself. Have plenty of water bottles and snacks handy. Put your favourite take out place in your phone so you can easily call in for more food. 

8. Move Day Kit. Pack up a little box or overnight bag for each person in the household. Include pyjamas, a change of clothes for the next day, toiletries, chargers, favourite toys, books. Keep this with you to take the pressure off of packing many boxes to get the essentials.

9. Protect your Pets. Arrange for your pets to be with friends, family, or at doggy daycare for the day. It is safer than risking a cat getting out the open door, or a paw being stepped on. It is less stressful for them, and allows you to better focus on the move. 

10. Hire House Cleaners. Of course we recommend this! Seriously, we’ve received many calls from people freaking out on moving day, realizing that they can’t get their old place cleaned up in time to hand back the keys. Moving day is hard enough without cleaning out your old space AND cleaning your new one so you can start unpacking. Make moving day easier and arrange for a professional cleaning service to take care of the house cleaning tasks. Make moving day about getting settled into your new home, not cleaning out someone else's leftovers from the fridge. (Yes, that happens...we've seen it all!)

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