Microfibre - What is It and Why Use It

Microfibre - What is It and Why Use It
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Wander down the cleaning aisle of any store and you are likely to see microfibre cloths, microfibre mop pads, microfibre dusting mits - what is microfibre, and why use it?

How Microfibre Works

Microfibre is such an amazing cleaning tool because the fibres are split, similar to an asterisk. Microfibre threads are smaller than even a strand of silk. This allows for more surface area to grab dust, dirt and more. Microfibre cloths attract the tiniest of dirt particles that cotton cloths miss. Most microfibre cloths are made from a combination of polyester and nylon.

Choose Quality Cloths

Not all microfibres are created equal. When purchasing cloths, watch for thickness of cloth. A good test is to hold the cloth up and pull tight. If you can see light shining through, the fabric is too thin. Also, look for larger cloths, 12 X 12 or bigger, which provides more cleaning surface.

Colour Coding

A benefit of microfibre is that they are made in a variety of colours. This allows for colour coding to avoid cross contamination. Professional cleaners separate areas by colours, so that the cloth used to clean around a toilet is never used to clean a kitchen counter.

Chemical Free

Microfibres are extremely porous, so they absorb up to 6 times its own weight in liquid. Distilled water and microfibre is very effective at picking up microbes, so cleaning without chemicals is possible. It’s just one of many tips to help keep your home eco-friendly and chemical-free.

How To Clean Microfibre Cloths

Never wash microfibres with other fabrics. It’s important to separate them from other materials - otherwise fibres of cotton, linen, or other fabrics don’t cling to the microfibres. Also, never launder with bleach or fabric softener. Use a simple liquid detergent, and dry on low heat. High heat can actually melt and damage the microfibres.

Microfibre is a versatile and effective cleaning fabric which can be used for mirrors, counters, showers, sinks, and floors. High quality cloths can withstand thousands of washes. Microfibre is a must-have tool for any cleaning kit.

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