Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll Love

Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll Love
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Mother’s Day - the day we show our mothers and the moms in our lives how much we care. While jewellery, perfume and other “stuff” are the go-to gifts, don’t we all have enough “stuff” these days? Show her how much you value her by gifting her experiences of joy, happiness, and connection. Check out these amazing “stuff-less” Mother’s Day ideas she’ll adore.

Spoil Mom with Some Zen Time

Chances are mom doesn’t make nearly enough time for herself - so make some for her! Yoga classes are a great way for her to decompress. That way she can realign her body and mind so she’s ready to tackle everything ‘the Mom life’ throws at her!

Pamper Her

Another thing Mom probably doesn’t do nearly enough is treat herself. Whether it’s a massage, manicure, pedicure or something else, we bet she’ll love every minute of it!

Make a Coupon Booklet

Get a little crafty! Create a booklet where Mom can get a ‘free pass’ on some everyday situations. ‘A night off from cooking’, ‘breakfast in bed’, and ‘a favour with no questions asked’ are great ideas to start with!

Arrange a Game Night

Break out a bottle of wine and bring the family together for some friendly competition! Games are a great way to bond and Mom will have a blast. You can even get a new game to celebrate!

Plan a Trip Together

The gift of making memories is always a good idea! Whether you make it a day trip, a weekend or even longer, she’ll love spending quality time with you.

Tackle the Yard Work

Spring has sprung… along with the weeds. Take a day to prune and trim the yard so that she can fully enjoy it. Adding a few new flowers wouldn’t hurt, either!

Clean Her Car

Now that the warm weather is here, spend some time outside while making mom happy. Grab the bucket, fill it up with soapy water and get to work!

…or Clean The Whole House!

Chances are cleaning is that item that never seems to leave her to-do list. If cleaning the house sounds a little to daunting for you then give us a call. We’re happy to help! Book a cleaning appointment with us today or purchase one of our gift certificates which are easy and can be downloaded with just the click of a button!

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