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How to Clean Your House in Under an Hour

How to Clean Your House in Under an Hour
published in Cleaning How-Tos

Whether you have a weekend, a day, or an hour to prepare for guests, having people over can cause some stress. Few of us have our homes in a company-ready state at any given time. If you need to get laundry, dishes, and general clutter of life and children under control quickly before you have people show up, we have some steps you can follow.

The key to getting your house company ready quick and efficiently is to focus on the key areas that have the most impact. The only prep you need beforehand is to get a caddy or basket to transport all your cleaning supplies.

So next time you realize you need to get your house ready for to visitors, here is how to clean your house in under an hour. Because let’s face it - even if you had a whole afternoon, you have better things to do!

Area 1: Entrance (10 Minutes)
Start off with being clean and organized at the front door - or wherever your guests will be arriving.  

  • Spray and wipe off smudges, handprints, and marks from the doorknobs, light switch, mirror, and walls
  • Hang up coats, tidy clutter into drawers, baskets, and the closet
  • Shake out mats and carpets, then sweep the floor

Quick Tip: Rinse the boot tray in the kitchen sink to clean off salt, mud, and grit - a clean boot tray makes a big difference to a clean feel at the entrance

Area No. 2: The Bathroom (15 Minutes)
Not every bathroom. Just the bathroom you know your guests will use.

  • Clear clutter and items off  the countertops. Spray and wipe the counter, sink, and faucet.
  • Clean mirror
  • Scrub the toilet
  • Spray and wipe down the ledges and sides of the tub or shower. Shine the faucet.
  • Clean the floor. If the bathroom is small, save time by wiping the floor with a damp cloth. It is quicker than using a mop, and much faster than the 2-step process of vacuuming and washing.

Quick Tip: Put the toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet first to soak while you clean the other areas of the bathroom, and come back to when you’re ready to clean the toilet.

Area No. 3: The Living Room (10 minutes)

  • Bring dishes to the kitchen, gather garbage, tidy books and magazines into piles, toss toys into a basket. Fold blankets and line up pillows.
  • Sweep the floors and hand wipe any spills or marks. If you have carpet, then vacuum the most visible areas of the room.

Quick Tip: Use a bin or laundry basket to collect items that don’t belong in the living room. Put them away if you have time remaining before your guests away. Otherwise, put them out of the way to put away after your guests leave.

Area No. 5: The Kitchen (15 Minutes)

  • Load the dishwasher and wash any dishes that won’t fit by hand
  • Clear and wipe down the countertops and stove
  • Sweep and wash the floor

Quick Tip: For quick mops in a hurry, invest in a spray mop with reusable pads. They’re quick and easy to get your floor clean when you don’t have time to do a deep clean.

Area No. 6: The Bedroom or the Dining Room (10 Minutes)
If yours guests are staying over, prep the bedroom or space where they will be sleeping. If not, prepare the dining room or where you’ll be sharing a meal. Are your visitors staying for a meal and also overnight? Consider serving dinner in the kitchen, or eating off laps in the living room. 
For the bedroom:

  • Put fresh sheets on the bed
  • Clear clutter off the floor and sweep
  • Clear off a dresser or and dust the surface

In the dining room:

  • Clear clutter off table and lay out a tablecloth or place settings
  • Sweep floor

Quick Tip: If you’re easily distracted, set a timer for each room. Having a deadline is always a good motivation to move as quickly as possible!

For the finishing touch, light a candle, incense, or spritz essential oils onto a lightbulb to make the place smell wonderful and welcoming. 

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