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Household Management Tips

Everybody believes that their homes are clean, especially after spending hours every week trying to make it spotless. There are many forgotten places to clean that we tend to overlook when we are doing our regular house cleaning.

Have you ever had the feeling that you've missed something? 

Though the words mold and mildew may be used interchangeably, they are not the same thing. They are actually very different and require very different techniques to get rid of them. Let us outline the difference between mold versus mildew.

First things first, what causes mold and mildew to appear? Both flourish under the right circumstances which include warm, humid environments. It’s because of this dampness that basements, kitchens and bathrooms are the most common places to find mold and mildew. 

Is it time you hired a house cleaning service? Maybe the kids are back in school, or you are returning to work after maternity leave. Maybe the speed of life and work has jumped up a notch and you need to free up valuable time and energy. No matter the reason, it’s a big decision to choose a company you can trust to come to your home and reliably make life easier for you. We have this checklist of 10 questions to ask when hiring a house cleaning service.

1. Do They Do a Background Check?

What You Need To Know About Your Home Insurance

While having home insurance isn’t mandatory in Ontario, most banks require you to have proof of it before you get a mortgage. Also, many apartment landlords require you to have home insurance before move in day.

1. You Need to Maintain Your Home

Things like keeping an eye on your roof’s shingles, watch for cracks or leaks in walls and flooring, keep eavestroughs clear and other maintenance tasks are important. If your insurance company learns that you haven’t taken the proper steps to keep your home in working order, they can choose to deny your claim or even worse - cancel your home insurance policy. 

2. Even If You’re Renting, You Should Have Insurance

Is keeping up with cleaning one of your resolutions for the new year? Or are you just fed up with clutter and household chores piling up? While it may look like a lot to tackle, these everyday tips will help keep cleaning managable and help prevent you from being overwhelmed.

In the Bedroom

Make your bed as soon as you wake up - Mornings can be hectic with or without children. Instead of heading right for the coffee, take a minute to make the bed to help keep your bedroom tidy. Investing in a duvet cover can make this even easier!

Our climate is full of surprises throughout the winter months. Snow, freezing rain, plain rain, and flash freezes….sometimes in the same week! Keeping your entrance safe during the winter is more than an important step in preparing your home for winter. Keeping the entrance to your home clear of snow and ice isn’t just for comfort of you and your family. Communities across Ontario generally have bylaws which require that paths, walkways, steps, and entrances are cleared of snow, unobstructed, and safe for walking. This can be extra challenging when the weather is changing so often. Read on for on how to keep your entrance safe during the winter months.

1. Make Space

As the first bite of real cold hits, we can’t avoid the reality of the coming winter any longer. Have you prepared your home for winter? It isn’t too late to follow these 6 steps to make sure your house is ready for the toughest season of all.

1. Furnace Maintenance

There are no restrictions on using the word “professional”. It is used so frequently in marketing that it almost loses meaning. Because so many businesses call themselves “professional”, it starts to feel like a synonym for “business”. If it’s a business, it has to be professional, right? Wrong. That isn’t true, especially when it comes to a house cleaning business. There are several measures and checkpoints which separates the well-meaning folks from a professional house cleaning company.

What makes a house cleaning company professional? Here is a checklist of 6 things to consider when you are choosing a service for your home.

1. Ethical Employer

When you have school age kids, September is a really the start of the year. Forget resolutions on January 1, September is the time to commit to new habits! Each year is a little different depending on the ages and stages of your children. Every September is an opportunity to set up your family, your home, and yourself for success, with as little stress and hassle as possible. Life is busy enough - these strategies can make the school year easier for you.

Unless you’ve discovered a 48-hour day, we’re pretty sure you need some help around the house. More and more people decide to give their house cleaning to hired hands so they have more time for leisure and family time.

Sometimes, not much thought or research goes into this decision though, and they end up disappointed. Why is that? Because they decide to hire private cleaners without background checks or insurance policies.

Nobody is saying that private house cleaners can’t do great work, but there are other things to consider when hiring a house cleaner besides their skills and attitude. Here are some of the most important aspects to consider when hiring cleaners for your house:

1. Liability insurance

You’ve made the big decision, and your house is listed for sale. An open house has been scheduled. Now what? If you want that open house to end with an offer - or better yet - multiple offers - then you have some preparation to do. Based on our years of experience seeing clients list and sell their homes, we can share these 5 tips to prepare for an open house. Depending on the condition of your home, some of these tips will take more time than others. Avoid the stress of not being ready, and start a good month ahead so that you are fully prepared for your open house to be a great success.

Tip #1 – Repairs & Fixes

Our homes is the centre of our lives. We return there after a day of work or play. It is the space where we gather with family, pets, and friends. All that living means mess, and clutter. What every house has in common - no matter the size or shape or age or decor - is that it needs to be cleaned. Many choose a professional house cleaning service or get their kids to help out. Others roll up their sleeves and get to it themselves. No matter what option is right for you, a little planning will help you get the most out of your house cleaning. Here are some tips for how to prepare for cleaning day.

Your home is where you retreat at the end of a busy day, and where you make special memories with your family. You invest time and money on decorating, organizing, and house cleaning. Having healthy clean air is another factor in making your house comfortable and enjoyable. Here are 5 tips for improving air quality in your home. 

Once that ‘For Sale’ sign goes up, it won’t be long before interested buyers start making their way through your house.

There’s a lot you need to know when selling a house, but one of the most important things to keep in mind is that a clean, well-maintained home makes the best first impression with buyers. In order to make your home as attractive to buyers as possible, follow these tips to prepare for your home showing.

1. Avoid Cooking With Strong Smells
You may be a big fan of fish smothered in onions and garlic, but chances are interested buyers will find that smell a turnoff. In fact, it may be too ingrained in their memories to overcome.

It happens to the best of us. Everyone, at some point, encounters a sink or tub which drains slowly, or doesn’t drain at all. Sometimes these things happen over time, and you don’t even realize it’s a problem until you find the water pooling around your ankles as you have your morning shower. 

Clogged drains are never pretty, but the good news is that they are never permanent. Before you call in for help, we have the top 3 DIY tips for unclogging drains. Try these yourself to get the water draining. All these ideas are safe for your pets, kids, septic systems, and they are environmentally responsible.

Do you toss every freshly washed load of laundry into the dryer? Or do you sort clothes into two piles, based on the instructions on the label - a dryer-pile and hang-up-carefully-pile? Have you every thought of cutting back on the use of the dryer even more? We have reasons why you should air-dry your clothes, and methods on how to dry your clothes outdoors, and in your home. Advantages of Air-Drying 

When it’s dark at 6pm and the stores fill with sweaters and Santas, many people start thinking about leaving home to travel somewhere warm and sunny. It’s fun to plan, to pack for the beach, and it's easy to overlook things on the home front. Homeowners should plan for the house they leave behind. For safety and peace of mind, here are 5 travel tips for your home.

1. Garbage and Recycling Bins. Nothing says “we are on vacation” like the one house on the street without the bins at the curb on collection day. If friends or neighbours can’t help, then hire someone to do home checks.

We all know that sense of stress when guests are expected and you are behind on house cleaning. How many times have you said (or heard) “come in, but please excuse the mess!” We also know how great it feels when the house is freshly cleaned. You almost want to say “please use the bathroom before you go…it is spotless in there!”

If moving to a new home is in your plans, or already marked in your calendar, here are 10 ways to make moving day easier.1. Start Early. Moving means lots of time and energy. Don’t crunch the tasks into the last few weeks. Call ahead of book your resources and providers, to avoid disappointment.2. Purge Ahead. You may have done a thorough sweep of closets and corners while you were preparing your home for sale. If not, start early to clear out items for donation, recycling, or a garage sale. Having less to pack, move, and unpack will reduce expense and time. 3. Hire movers. You can go all out and also have them pack for you. At minimum, hire a company to manage the move.

Forget the cost and chemicals of air freshener products. If your house needs a quick lift between cleans, check out these 5 DIY tricks to make your house smell great. They are simple, effective, and safe for your home and family.

1. Carpet Refresh

Mix 1 cup baking soda with 1 tablespoon of dried rosemary and sprinkle on your carpets around your home. Lounge about with a book or your latest Netflix obsession. After 30 minutes to an hour, vacuum the carpets. This really gives your whole house a refreshing lift. And yes - feel free to ask us to do this for you on cleaning day! 

Like this baking soda idea? Find more here.

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