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Cleaning How-Tos

Don’t let crafting get out of hand

Crafting can be a distraction or your passion - it is always messy! Whether you are scrapbooking, creating DIY gifts, or keeping the kids busy, crafting usually requires some serious cleanup. What to do about glue on the furniture, crayons on the carpet, and glitter, well - everywhere? We are here to help.

We understand the science of cleaning and how the right tools can make a cleaning task more efficient.

Cleaning is not usually a hot topic of conversation, though it has always been one of our favourite things to talk about! These days, in this time of COVID-19, everyone is talking about cleaning. Cleaning is also more visible. At the grocery store we see cashiers cleaning the belt and the payment machine. Retail stores are posting notices with detailed explanations of their cleaning routine. Of course, stores have always been cleaned. It was done after hours, in the dark, when all the customers had gone home. COVID-19 has brought cleaning into the daylight, and into our daily routine of shopping and errands and moving about in the world.

Are you baking more during your quarantine? Ovens are getting a real workout while we are all at home social distancing. Whether it is cookies, sourdough bread, or elaborate roast dinners, spending more time in the kitchen is a silver lining for many people.

Spills are just part of cooking and baking. Ideally, that splatter of grease or bubbled over cheese gets wiped up right away before it has a chance to set. However, the reality is that many of us prefer to get right to eating, and the cleaning waits until later. Much later!

When ovens are used again and the last spill gets baked in, the cleaning becomes a real challenge. We have these 5 tips tips for you to get that oven shiny and clean again.

All professions has its hashtags and acronyms and jargon. House cleaning is no different. HEPA is a phrase you may come across when reading about vacuum cleaners or air filtration systems. What is HEPA and why does it matter? This post will explain what HEPA is, and how it relates to your house cleaning.

Wander down the cleaning aisle of any store and you are likely to see microfibre cloths, microfibre mop pads, microfibre dusting mits - what is microfibre, and why use it?

How Microfibre Works

Microfibre is such an amazing cleaning tool because the fibres are split, similar to an asterisk. Microfibre threads are smaller than even a strand of silk. This allows for more surface area to grab dust, dirt and more. Microfibre cloths attract the tiniest of dirt particles that cotton cloths miss. Most microfibre cloths are made from a combination of polyester and nylon.

Choose Quality Cloths

Dust - the bane of our existence. It seems as though every time you turn around, something else is dusty.

Have you ever wondered what dust really is? In general, dust is made up of tiny particles that create a fine powder.

It can be made of anything from earth to waste and is often carried in the air, landing on surfaces it encounters. What you may not know are some of the facts about dust. Luckily, this post will help educate you!

Is keeping up with cleaning one of your resolutions for the new year? Or are you just fed up with clutter and household chores piling up? While it may look like a lot to tackle, these everyday tips will help keep cleaning managable and help prevent you from being overwhelmed.

In the Bedroom

Make your bed as soon as you wake up - Mornings can be hectic with or without children. Instead of heading right for the coffee, take a minute to make the bed to help keep your bedroom tidy. Investing in a duvet cover can make this even easier!

It might surprise you to hear that there is a whole science behind cleaning your house. Understanding this science is the difference between a cleaning which makes your home look better, and a cleaning which makes your house a safer environment for you and your family.

Whether you are buying your very first vacuum cleaner, or replacing a old one, you have to make the same decision - choosing what vacuum is best for your home.

There are so many options at the mall, online, and at your local specialty store. Canister, central, upright, stick, cordless, bagless, oh my! Each vacuum claims to be the best at removing pet hair, crumbs, and dust. There are $99 specials, or you can spend thousands. Having so many options can be stressful and overwhelming. We want to make it easy for you! This checklist will help you determine what vacuum cleaner is best for your home. We’ve seen our clients invest in a beautiful vacuum which was all wrong for their needs, and we don’t want that to happen to you.

Whether you have a weekend, a day, or an hour to prepare for guests, having people over can cause some stress. Few of us have our homes in a company-ready state at any given time. If you need to get laundry, dishes, and general clutter of life and children under control quickly before you have people show up, we have some steps you can follow.

The key to getting your house company ready quick and efficiently is to focus on the key areas that have the most impact. The only prep you need beforehand is to get a caddy or basket to transport all your cleaning supplies.

Savvy home decor people know that cork isn’t just for wine bottles. Cork may be used to create beautiful floors. Selecting a colour and finish is the fun part. Next is the reality of keeping it looking beautiful. We have many house cleaning clients who have chosen cork for their kitchen, hallway, or den. Here are our 6 expert tips for how to clean a cork floor.

Most parents agree that kids can help with housework more than they do. Many remember having to do chores in their own childhood, and they want their kids to take on the similar  responsibilities. Getting kids to get involved can be a challenge! In our last blog post, we shared 5 Guidelines to Get Your Kids to Help Around the House. In this Part 2 post, we now give you 5 ways kids can help with housework, according to their age and abilities.

No matter the size of the home or the family, all parents want to to see their kids help around the house. Sure, it’s to get the kids to take care of their own space, learn valuable life skills, and be responsible for their own things. It’s also about reducing the stress and workload of the adults in house!

There are many strategies and approaches to getting kids to do chores. This is influenced by the experience the parents had when they were kids, as well as family and cultural traditions.  If you are feel the burden of household tasks and want to share the work, then read these 5 guidelines to get your kids to help around the house.

It happens to the best of us. Everyone, at some point, encounters a sink or tub which drains slowly, or doesn’t drain at all. Sometimes these things happen over time, and you don’t even realize it’s a problem until you find the water pooling around your ankles as you have your morning shower. 

Clogged drains are never pretty, but the good news is that they are never permanent. Before you call in for help, we have the top 3 DIY tips for unclogging drains. Try these yourself to get the water draining. All these ideas are safe for your pets, kids, septic systems, and they are environmentally responsible.

Our house cleaning clients in Ottawa, Etobicoke, and Milton often ask us what sort of products are best to use in their home. We like to recommend environmentally safe products. Yes, it's good for the health our planet - reducing pollution of the oceans and the atmosphere - but it's also good for the health of your family.Most commercial household cleaning products contain a range of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which are known to irritate the lungs and lead to chronic illness.

If you have ever tried mixing your own solutions for house cleaning, you've discovered how useful essential oils are. There is a wide range of options and ideas. There is no right or wrong - it comes down to what scent you like best. To help you get started, we've picked the top 5 essential oils for house cleaning. Feel free to mix these scents to create blends that appeal to you. Here's the list, with some explanations and suggestions.

There are many reasons to choose house cleaning products which cause less harm to your health and to the environment. There are many environmentally friendly cleaning lines out there to choose from. If you want to kick it old school, you can do a lot with just a box of baking soda. Here are our 6 tips for house cleaning with baking soda.

As the snow melts, we are all eager to feel like spring is here. We know that even with a regular house cleaning routine, in spring we need to clear winter away and freshen up our home for the new season. Here are our 7 favourite things on a spring cleaning list!

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