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5 Ways Kids Can Help with Housework

5 Ways Kids Can Help with Housework
published in Cleaning How-Tos

Most parents agree that kids can help with housework more than they do. Many remember having to do chores in their own childhood, and they want their kids to take on the similar  responsibilities. Getting kids to get involved can be a challenge! In our last blog post, we shared 5 Guidelines to Get Your Kids to Help Around the House. In this Part 2 post, we now give you 5 ways kids can help with housework, according to their age and abilities.

  1. Tidying Toys: Chores can start at an early age with the simple task of tidying up their toys. It could be a counting game with little ones as they toss their bath toys into a basket. Older children can learn that they can’t take out the train set until all building blocks are put away. Basic tidying skills will teach children to be responsible for their own messes, and their own actions.
  2. Kitchen Duty: By the time a child is about 5 years old, they can contribute to the work of family meal times. It can start with bringing cutlery and condiments to the table. They can also put their own dishes in the dishwasher after the meal. It doesn’t have to be perfect - the point is establish the habit of helping out. Older children can get more involved with washing and drying dishes, and wiping down the table.
  3. Garbage Day: Putting your kids in charge of the weekly collection schedule will boost their sense of contributing to the household. Younger kids can start out with gathering bags from the bins around the house and putting in new empty bags. Older children can bring it to the curb the night before.
  4. Menu Duty: It’s a challenge to get some kids to eat well - especially at some ages and stages. Getting them involved with menu planning and the grocery list. For kids old enough to have access to technology, this mean never again come home from the store and be told that there is no more cereal. Yes - there is an app for that.
  5. Getting the kids involved in preparing the meals does more than help out - it builds valuable life skills. Send your teenagers off to university with some basic recipes mastered! 
  6. Floor Cleaning: From crumbs, crafts, and crumbs again - kids create a lot of mess on the floor. Get the young kids involved with tidying up their space with a little broom or a fun little handvac. It is so satisfying to see and hear the sparkles and beads and crumbs get sucked up! Older kids can learn the finer skills of vacuuming thoroughly.

These 5 ways kids can help with housework will do more than lighten your load and free up some time. It teaches them responsibility, the pride of completing a task, and also builds valuable life skills.  

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